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I followed German bat researcher Mirjam Knornschild (Universitat Ulm) as she photographed a small group of bats under the eaves. She has been researching this particular species and explained that the bat with the blue and yellow markers in “A” is an outsider, introduced to a local colony of her species on the island. They are seeing what the behaviors are in terms of integration (or not) into the colony. “B” is a group a few feet away. The introduced bat flew in to join a single female in “A”…but then the single female (circled) snubbed her and joined her friends in the other group. We humans had a good laugh about how it’s similarly difficult to gain a social foothold here in Panama as well.

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  1. Paula Merth says:

    Hi Pam,
    WOW, what an experience you are having! I love looking at your site.
    Just wanted to say HELLO and I miss seeing you.
    Paula Merth

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