Balsa blossom

This flower is never in need of attention. The balsa tree creates 50-60 blossoms a night in the dry season and every creature that can climb out on a branch or fly in is interested in the ounce of sweet nectar the blossoms produce. I woke up to hear some monkeys in the backyard sipping the blossoms. By the time I returned with a camera, it was bees.

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  1. Meg Eckles says:

    Bees are, however, vastly superior to primates…

  2. laurie schneider says:

    Pam, what an awesome collection of thoughts and images. Truly an adventure you’re on. I can’t believe the amazing things you see and do. This blossom looks like something out of a science fiction story but then there’s this very common honeybee to bring it home. My beloved honeybees look similar, only I think their bodies are not quite as long and narrow. So the one pictured here must also be introduced from Europe then? Bee well, Laurie

    • pamela4 says:

      Thanks Laurie. Actually, there are over 360 species of bees in Panama (which is the size of North Carolina), with many as yet undiscovered, unnamed. My favorites are the little stingless bee species that recognize individual humans by their scent “signature”.

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