Waiting for Manny

Only got one shot off as I drove home to Gamboa on Sunday. The place was swarming with armed police. The prison is situated close to the bridge, so there was a media circus there in the evening. I got off one shot and then was quickly waved on. They were waiting for the arrival of Noriega. Apparently, he’s had several strokes, but recovered. A remnant of an old nightmare, shadow grown small and harmless now in the light. But people here still remember. They remember that the U.S. helped make Noriega powerful and then invaded their country and killed civilians in the process of changing their mind. There’s a reason for their hatred.

While Noriega was murdering his people, I was up in my American privilege, raising my kids, oblivious to what my Panamanian friends were experiencing at the hands of my government. Interesting to be on the opposite side of the equation.

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  1. Anandita says:

    Waiting for Tony I guess.

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