Día de los Madres

Mother’s Day was December 8th in Panama. We are talking BIG DEAL here. None of this lukewarm Hallmark blah blah blah….We’re talking more than half of the city vacating to the interior to pay homage to Mom. Appliances flying off the shelves, flowers being sold everywhere, cards and chocolates. The women take it very seriously and wish each other Happy Mother’s Day and spend half the day on the phone with women friends and relatives to wish them a good day. Two women in our office prepared a breakfast for all the women staff on our floor (men sampled as well). At the end of the day, each departing woman went around the floor and wished other mothers a happy day. Remnants of an ancient social convention from the matriarchy no doubt.

This photo was taken by work colleague Argelis Ruiz who works for/with turtles. Appropriately, an image of a mother on her eggs. Argelis has the largest turtle pin collection of anyone I’ve ever met.

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