Panama Poetry

There is so much to experience in Panama, but the canal is a bright spot for me. Each year, over 14,000 vessels pass through, with the average toll at $54,000.00 (depending on who you talk to). 26,700,000 gallons of water are used to get a ship across the canal. This water comes from Lake Gatun. Last December (2010), the canal closed due to flooding. Huge sections of land gave way and were floating down the Chagres River. No ships could pass for 18 hours which was a significant economic loss to Panama. Also, the amount of sediment that overloaded the water system’s capacity was a total disruption to the fresh water supply.

You can go online and find facts about the ships…. like the CAP PALMERSTON, Ship type: Dry Cargo; built in 2007; flag: Liberia; Dead weight: 21700 tons; Max speed recorded: 16 knots; Last known port: Panama Anch Atlantic.

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