Simple things

Radio silence….I know. Mucho technical issues. Thanks to hijo, I have a nice new MBPro that I can use in the privacy of my apartment, although Lion is not supporting my old version of Creative Suite. Ahhh…it’s the simple things. The challenge in Panama is that it is a place of many incongruities. Rich and poor, technologically wired and geographically, meteorologically unpredictable….fast and slow, rough and gentle. Stark and lush. I’m finding myself in a “What was I THINKING” mode just lately, but have the sense to know that better times will be around the corner. Major challenges are language and transportation. These are things I can work on. So, in the meantime….focus on the simple things…the incredible miracles everywhere…the abundance of life.


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  1. Pam,

    This is a p.s. to my other comment. What version of Creative Suite are you using with Lion?

    I was thinking of upgrading.


    • pamela4 says:

      Hi NE
      I haven’t upgraded my Creative Suite yet. I’m still working on an old version, but only Photoshop works. Hope you guys are well. Would love to see pix of the new place! Im back in October.

  2. lynn olson says:

    Pamela: I have finally figured out how to use this blog. The photos are wonderful; the captions even better. I think I will just send you images by email. Love, Lynn

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