Travel day

Travel day began at MSP with friend Deb who has been a skycap there for many years. She and husband John have been all over Central and South America, so I heard some good Panama stories as we waited for the flight.

Have a few photos, but am working from an iPad for now and need to work out some glitches- like how to shrink my photos to web size…
After an 11-hour travel day, I arrived to find Lucas, the driver from the Smithsonian and Betsy Gordon, curator from the Smithsonian. We drove to Clayton, former U.S. Army base where our Holiday Inn resides…Betsy filled me in on the archeological dig we will visit tomorrow, and many things Panama. It gets dark at 6:30 here, so the city was night view: tall buildings, splashy graphics…lots of money and poverty here.
My hotel room looks out at the canal, but there is a road between us and it’s lush with trees-rainy. The hotel room is modern and chilled (ultra-chilled), smells of mildew, and there’s condensation…on the window and my camera lens. Giant birds circle far in the distance and it’s definitely NOT a cardinal making that racket out the window.

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