Si, my first day on the job

First day on the job at the Smithsonian. Meeting the staff and visiting possible sites for an event. We visited Panama Viejo: Old Panama…the site of the original Panama City built in the 1600’s…burned down after the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan, defeated the Spaniards and sacked the city…after which most of the city was burned to ground. The images are bueno. (I’ll try to post once I work out the sizing issue.)
Funny part was when we were walking from the ruins back to the car, Betsy noticed a young man at an archeological dig site near the ruins. He was toiling away in a small plot under a canopy. We stopped to ponder the physicality of working at a dig site.
Later that afternoon, we interviewed a young archeologist who was Panamanian, but had just graduated from the University of British Columbia. When he mentioned that he had a 3-month gig working a site at the Panama Viejo, we realized that we could’ve saved him a trip and interviewed at the Panama Viejo ruins because it was the same young guy we watched working earlier!
Turns out Panama is a small town…

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